A little about S*Dalkullans

We are three close friends who together breeds Norwegian forest cat under the catteryname S*Dalkullans in Borlänge, Sweden.

Ewa was started the breeding, the first litter was born in 1986 and was a Devon Rex litter and in 1987 the first forest cat babies were born and then there has only been one breed.

Maja and Ewas paths crossed in 1996 when she fell in love with little S*Dalkullans Kremlin at an exhibition and when he became hers, a lifelong friendship began which later also resulted in a collaboration and in 2011 Maja was registered in the catteryname.

Ann-Kristin is related to Maja and we all has been friends over the years, when she found her dreamcat and became a happy owner together with Maja to GIP SC S*Räserråttans Greta, JW DSM DVM DM 2010 and the interest in breeding was aroused also for Ann-Kristin and she became part of S*Dalkullans 2016.

After many years of friendship and cooperation, it was natural that we should be S*Dalkullans together, we do not always agree but have learned to discuss to each other and respect each others opinions. We also have the advantage that over the years we have developed approximately the same way of interpreting the standard, which makes it easier to choose combinations that we can all agree on.
We are extremely tight and do most things together, we make plans for our females and males and we are always there when it's time for deliveries and all three sit and hold paws with the female.We are very proud of what we have achieved over the years and the cooperation with other breeders we value incredibly highly and are grateful for.

Our boys lived with Maja who is so totally in loved with males and our females lived with Ewa and Ann-Kristin who loves the girls and to have kitten in their homes. All of us also have some neuters lived with us.

We are also very fond of going to shows with our cats and we have the advantage that many of our babies come together with their new owners and compete successfully and we are incredibly proud that S*Dalkullans is this years breeding category 2 in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in SVERAK.

We are proud Topbreeder in the Hills-family.

All our cats and kittens have the food they deserve - The Best!